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"I don't know how InterCulture managed to give us such a wonderful and comprehensive two-week tour for that reasonable a cost.  The promotion, the concerts, the meals, the hotels, the buses, the flights, the guides, the sightseeing—all were of a first-rate quality, and yet the price was less than that quoted by other companies."

Best concert arrangement
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"The concert venues were first-rate and the audiences large and appreciative"

 At The InterCulture Tours, we pride ourselves on our expertise in delivering high-quality, custom-designed CHINA PERFORMANCE TOURS to performing groups. We proudly offer:
  • Access to great venues
  • Access to the finest music festivals in China
  • Prestigious events to which invited groups receive official invitations
  • Guaranteed audience
  • Instrument transportation and rental
  • Recognition of and collaboration from Chinese governmental cultural agencies, Chinese musical communities and concert venues in concert organization that guarantee exciting and successful concerts
  • Promotion of concerts by the means of production posters and fliers, press publications, media release, notification of local groups and music organizations, sponsor-ships, etc.

"The promotion was the best that we have had on any international tour to date."

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In addition to musical stimulation, our tours also offer great opportunities of cultural enrichments via:
  • Exchange with local Chinese performance ensembles
  • Exchange with Chinese school ensembles
  • Local school visits, campus tours, classroom observations, etc.
  • In-depth personal exchange with Chinese students over meal and party
  • Home visits
"The cultural exchange was significant, exciting, a touching experience our students will never forget."

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"The professors of Asian History at our college studied all the tour proposals submitted by various companies. According to them, InterCulture's sightseeing venues were superior to the others."

We offer rich and straightforward sightseeing to ensure that your tour members to get the most of their travel experience. When you look at our itineraries, you can easily see that our tours feature the most comprehensive sightseeing of any programs out there.

We offer:
  • The most comprehensive sightseeing and excursion program that is in balance with concert arrangements
  • Tour itineraries carefully designed by our experienced Chinese staff who have traveled extensively
  • Meticulously planned itinerary, detailed by hours and minutes
  • Folk art performances and shows
  • Knowledgeable and friendly English speaking tour guide
  • Comfortable transportation by deluxe air conditioned motor coaches
  • Centrally located 3 to 4 star hotels

Most tailored made programs
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Thank for customizing it to fit our needs and for all the extras"

We customize each of our China Performance Tours to reflect the uniqueness of each ensemble.

First, we will make sure that we fully understand your ensemble, your interests and your objectives. Then, we will work hard to put together a tour that brings your vision into reality. A dedicated tour manager will work with you from the initial inquiry until the completion of your tour. Our offices in the U.S. will work closely with our experienced local staff in China to ensure that your tour runs smoothly without a hitch. Since each tour is customized, we are flexible to incorporate special touches to make the tour a special and unforgettable one for your ensemble.

Best Price/Best Value
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"We priced several tour companies for trips to China, and Intercultural gave us the best value and the best proposal."

"Your reasonable prices made China possible"

BEST PROGRAM at the BEST PRICE is our hallmark. Again and again our clients have told us that we have the best price. What is more, our BEST PRICE comes with the BEST PROGRAM. Most of our clients are experienced traveling ensembles. They have toured before with other tour companies and know how to compare quotations and programs. They decided to choose us because we not only provided them a better price, we also provided a higher quality program.

 Why do we offer BEST PRICE? Because:
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  • We believe in the power of music education via performance tours
  • We believe in the significance of culture exchange between the U.S. and China
  • Our sole mission is making China performance tours more affordable

How can we offer BEST PRICE?
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  • We enjoy great relationships with venues, airlines, hotels and restaurants, and we share the resulting benefits
    with our clients
  • We charge lower margins

Some suggestions on quote comparison:
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You should compare apples to apples so you can decide who offers a better price. So it is vital that you know the basis on which each tour company is quoting. This information must include:
  • Length of tour
  • Number of performances
  • Type of venues
  • Number of cities and type of cities (expensive metropolitans versus in-expensive small towns)
  • Number of nights in each city
  • Type of domestic transportation between cities: by air, by train or by bus; how many flights if by air?
  • International air routing and timing
  • Location and quality of hotel; double, triple and quadruple occupancy
  • Number of meals included
  • Number of free trips
  • Number of sightseeing, excursions, and shows entrance fees included

International air fare:
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  • Type of airlines (whether it is a major airline?)
  • Number of connections
  • Length of air travel (the total number of hours you spend on air travel)
  • Timing of flights (is the flight scheduled at convenient time?)
  •  Is the base fare confirmed?

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